I have created the site as a way to start sharing my passion for trail running and to hopefully inspire others to give it a try. 

As a competitive runner and duathlete, trail running has become my “escape”.  The trails are where I feel the most calm, the most confident, and the most peaceful.  For me, running in the trails is pure bliss!  (and it doesn’t hurt that trail running is a fabulous form of cross training!)

Some people are afraid or hesitant to give trail running a try. Others have never really given trail running much thought.  And some people have simply never ran before.  My goal with this blog is to show you that ANYONE can learn to run (and appreciate) the trails, and to experience the bliss for themselves!  So if you are 4 or 100 years old (or somewhere in between); if you are a seasoned or a newbie runner; or if your running experience has been limited to the pavement—come and give it a try! The trails are eagerly waiting for you-and if you are quiet, you may even hear the trees calling your name!