Been getting great response already for the next upcoming session on July 7th (actually, the next one is a private one in Alliston on June 20th!). Really looking forward to it and taking the clinic to the next level. If you are thinking of doing the July 7th clinic, don’t delay in signing up!

The first clinic on June 2 was great-thanks to everyone that came out and participated. And we came sooooo close to beating the rain.  Too bad we got drenched in the last 10 minutes (although, it didn’t seem like anyone minded!).  Natasha, I hope that you really enjoy the free pair of Solomon Shoes that you won (I’m sure that you will!); everyone else, I hope you enjoyed the Vega and Cliff products and the 5 Peaks hats (it is so cold some days that you could almost wear it already!).

Heading out on Sunday to do a 90min trail run-can’t wait as I have been looking forward to it all week!  It has been such a crazy (and fun) week-I can’t wait to go out and bond with nature!

Enjoy your weekend!