On Thursday August 1 my bike and I will be joining the 2013 STIHL Tour des Trees to benefit the TREE Fund. This is a very cool charity ride that starts in the US and cycles 585 miles around Lake Ontario to finish up right here at the Toronto Islands.  I’ve signed up to ride part of the course (hopefully in the future I can ride all of it) and to raise $600 for the TREE Fund because I believe that the research and education this ride supports are critical to the well-being of our communities and everyone who inhabits them.

 We are fortunate that we are surrounded by an abundance of trees right here in Toronto.  Not only are they pretty, but they reduce air pollution, sequester carbon, control erosion, shelter us from heat and wind, and add beauty to our lives. Unfortunately though, pests, diseases, construction, pollution and poor management put our “urban forests” at risk every day. The research and education funded by the TREE Fund through the Tour des Trees helps to ensure that tree care professionals can keep up with the problems faced by urban trees.

 So let’s partner up:  I will do the cycling if you help out with a small donation (no amount is too small and would be much appreciated).  Both myself and the trees will really appreciate it!  

 Here’s a link to my fundraising page.  More information about the Tour des Trees can be found here.