Ahhh…the cold weather has come, the Christmas lights are going up, and there has been the odd sprinkling of snow.  It’s that time of year again to start shopping….for next year’s races!!!   Yup, after taking a bit of a much-needed break from training (both mentally and physically) I am now ready to start looking at what my races will be for next year.  At times I feel like a kid in a candy store…so many wonderful options to choose from! How will I ever pick which ones to savour the most? (hint: I will never be 100% content as I WANT TO DO IT ALL!).  But as I tell my children, one must pause and reflect on which ones they really want the most.

Part of this selection is based on my goals for next year—which include a) to compete in longer distances (I believer this will work to my advantage!); b) to race in fun destinations (nothing like combining vacationing and races) and c) to find races that include an even more competitive field (still trying to coax the inner competitive tiger in me to make an appearance more often).    So far, here is what I have come up with:

a)    Chilly half marathon March 2 (it has been-gulp-6 long years since I last raced this event and got a PB of 1:19:09)

b)   Pick your Poison 25km in April (last year I raced and won the 12km event. Time to step it up a notch!).

Pick your Poison 2013

Pick your Poison 2013

a)    World’s Duathlon in SPAIN end of May (I’m told that I must go and defend my world champion title….hmmm. time to work on that inner tiger)

World's Duathlon 2013

World’s Duathlon 2013

a)    Race in a half-ironman distance duathlon (only a few races offer this, so it might end up being the bike-run event at Welland half ironman in June)

b)   As many 5 peaks races as possible; one Xterra Race in the US (or if I can convince my hubby-to attend the championship in Mauii in November), Powerman event in the fall????

As you can see, I haven’t quite finalized races for next year… it is a work in progress. But I must admit that it has been fun starting to shop (plan) for my races again.  What are your goals for next year?  What races will you select?  Go ahead..start shopping!