Not surprisingly, a prince did not magically appear…nor did I actually kiss a toad! But I did have a great time participating in the Run for the Toad on October 4.


And like the fairytale story where you are never quite sure of what happens when you kiss a frog (Will it turn into a princess? Will I get a wart on my nose?), I wasn’t sure what to expect from this race. I knew that this would be my longest trail run yet (the Squamish 23k was a close contender), and that the course would be less technical but with lots of rolling hills. My initial intent was to race hard and go for the win. However I wasn’t sure how my body would handle the race given that I was exhausted, feeling crappy and just coming off of a difficult 2-week period where both kids were sick, hubby was traveling a ton, and I was juggling too much on my plate.

The morning of the race, I debated whether to race, as I feared that the exertion would only make me more sick, forcing me to take a substantial amount of time off and interfering with my training for the Philly marathon in November. But I decided to take the first step and get out of bed. After all, my motivation was still there!

Still feeling crappy after a short warm up jog, I debated again about racing. But I decided to take the next step and to start the race, knowing that I could pull out at any point. Once again, my motivation was still high.

I adjusted my pace and went out a bit more conservative. My initial goal of trying to break the women’s record was put to the side (motivation is a bonus, but it won’t produce magic!). The first 8k or so were ok, but I was still debating whether to pull out of the race. But near the end of the first loop, I started to feel better. I’m not sure if this was a psychological or physical reaction or both, but I went with it and decided to stay in the race. My exhaustion did catch up to me with a few km to go but fortunately I had a large enough lead over the other women and I still won the race. Yippeeeeee!!! And I am happy to say that my cold and exhaustion did not worsen after the race.

The point of this story? You never know what to expect when things don’t go as planned…so you might as well go ahead and kiss the toad, even if it is just a little peck as opposed to a big smooch! After all, a prince can show up in more ways that one….