I fell in love with trail running the first time I did a 5 Peaks race many years ago. I loved the way it made me feel –“free” is probably the best way to describe it. Free from gadgets that described my running performance; free from the noise, cars and pollutions from the streets; and most importantly, simply free from everything else around me. Although road running helped to clear my mind, trail running did the same but in a much more profound manner. Let’s put it this way –I have never stopped in the middle of a run on the side of the road to meditate, whereas I have done this on several occasions with trail running.

But oddly enough, and for reasons I can’t quite explain, I have never focused my training efforts on trail running. Trail running has always served as my “complimentary” sport to either road running or to duathlons. I would do a trail race as long as it didn’t interfere with my other racing goals. Trail running was secondary. Yet trail running is what I’m most passionate about.

Since running the Hamilton Half Marathon on November 2, I have been unable to train due to a freaky type of “medical episode”. Surprisingly, I have not gone crazy from this lack of training for exercise for 44 days (but who’s counting?). I think that part of this sanity is that I have used this time to reflect on what’s important to me, and how I want to spend my time and energy on what matters to me most. So for 2015, I’ve decided to follow my passion, and to make trail running my priority. This means:

  • Trail races will be my goal races – including one in Europe and another one is the US; all non-trail running races will be secondary. I want to see what I can accomplish if I set my mind and heart to it.
  • I will spend more time with other trail runners to share the passion by:
    • Hosting a trail running camp October 16-18 at the Ecology Retreat Centre – following last year’s success it is going to be a blast!
    • Hosting a series of trail running clinics throughout the GTA
    • Offering more personalized coaching services
    • Organizing group runs throughout the year in the trails
  • I will look for more ways to partner with great companies like 5 Peaks or Solomon
  • I will attend a trail running camp myself out west or in the states to further expand my skills, meet other trail runners, and bring back some ideas for my trail running camp in the fall.

A lot to plan, but when it’s following a passion, it’s going to be all fun! Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts, so please feel free to send me a message here or to runningthetrails@yahoo.ca