DSCN0988In my perfect world, I would be living in the woods, in a beautiful home overlooking a river with access to trails right from my doorsteps. Reality check: I live in Toronto. But we do have a lot of trees in the area, so its a start!

In my perfect world, I would also have the coolest job that would enable me to bond with nature on a daily basis, such as being a bike tour guide or a kayak instructor. Reality check: I left my job in healthcare a few years ago (actually, that is still pretty cool as it enables me to spend more time with my children, finally finish writing my book “The Athletic Mom-to-Be” (order your copy today!), and explore other possibilities). So I guess I’m doing pretty good with this aspect for now! And I have a kayak at my cottage!

And finally in my perfect world, I would be able to train everyday, in the outdoors, and without ever getting injured. Reality check: I train hard (again my pretty-good-life lets me train more than ever right now!) but I am still searching for that magic pill that would keep me injury free. Trail running is a great start, as it is a way for me to do more running but with less impact on my body. Because its more difficult  to run in the trails in the winter, I do the next best thing: I cross country ski and snow shoe.

I did my first trail run in 2007 as per the suggestion of a running friend who suggested that it would be a fun race. I didn’t really know what to expect but I thought that it sounded like fun. I finished the race and was hooked! I love both the physical and the spiritual effect that it has on me. I am fortunate in that I seem to have some skills with trail running and I have been lucky enough to compete at some pretty cool places such as the World’s Mountain Running Championship in Switzerland, the French Alps, and the Colorado Mountains to name a few. I even got to race twice at the Worlds Duathlon Championship, winning a medal both on home turf and in Spain.

Coming in for the finish in the French Alpes

Coming in for the finish in the French Alpes

Did I mention that I am also lucky in that I have been able to help athletes in various ways thru coaching with various groups, developing coaching plans for others, and hosting a series of trail running clinics and retreats? photo-12

And perhaps most importantly, I have a supportive husband that encourages me to explore my passion and two adorable children who make me smile countless times during the day. 

So this is me in a nutshell. I’m one lucky gal!