DSCN0988In my perfect world, I would be living in the woods, in a beautiful home overlooking a river with access to trails right from my doorsteps. Reality check: I live in Toronto. But we do have a lot of trees in the area, so its a start!

In my perfect world, I would also have the coolest job that would enable me to bond with nature on a daily basis, such as being a bike tour guide or a kayak instructor. Reality check: I left my job in healthcare a few years ago (actually, that is still pretty cool as it enables me to spend more time with my children, finally finish writing my book “The Athletic Mom-to-Be” (order your copy today!), and explore other possibilities). So I guess I’m doing pretty good with this aspect for now! And I have a kayak at my cottage!

And finally in my perfect world, I would be able to train everyday, in the outdoors, and without ever getting injured. Reality check: I train hard (again my pretty-good-life lets me train more than ever right now!) but I am still searching for that magic pill that would keep me injury free. Trail running is a great start, as it is a way for me to do more running but with less impact on my body. Because its more difficult  to run in the trails in the winter, I do the next best thing: I cross country ski and snow shoe.

I did my first trail run in 2007 as per the suggestion of a running friend who suggested that it would be a fun race. I didn’t really know what to expect but I thought that it sounded like fun. I finished the race and was hooked! I love both the physical and the spiritual effect that it has on me. I am fortunate in that I seem to have some skills with trail running and I have been lucky enough to compete at the World’s Mountain Running Championship in Switzerland. I have also participated in numerous races, especially my all time favourite  5 Peaks Running Series, North Face Endurance Challenge, and most recently, a super amazing race in the French Alps and 3 day race in the Transrockies.  Once again, I have been fortunate with my accomplishments, placing in most of my races (and having won some cool stuff!)

Coming in for the finish in the French Alpes

Coming in for the finish in the French Alpes

Going back to my perfect world for a moment, I would be able to compete in all of the trail races both near and far. But reality check: I also enjoy doing duathlons, so much of my time is also spent training for this event. The past few years, I even succeeded in getting gold and bronze medals at the World’s Duathlon Competitions in Canada and in Spain.   Plus my husbands does mountain bike races. My kids are involved in their own activities. And I love spending the weekend at home with my kids. ETC. Not surprisingly, I have to pass up on many of the trail races. But like I said…in a perfect world I would be able to participate in them ALL.

Did I mention that I am also lucky in that I have been able to help athletes in various ways thru coaching with various groups, developing coaching plans for others, and hosting a series of trail running clinics and retreats? photo-12

And perhaps most importantly, I have an ever so supportive husband that encourages me to explore my passion and two adorable children who make me smile countless times during the day. 

So this is me in a nutshell. I’m one lucky gal!