Helping others to stay active is always a top priority for me; its what drives me!  One of the ways that I can do this is thru writing. So I thought “why not write a book?”.  Although I make it sound simple (its not, but its totally fun!), writing this book has been such a fun and challenging journey for both myself and my co-author Dr. Carol Ann Weis. What I’m hoping is to be a first of many, the book is called The Athletic Mom-to-Be: Training Your Way Into Pregnancy & Motherhood.  Learn more about it….

Know someone that is thinking of getting pregnant, or is currently pregnant? Or recently had a baby and trying to balance family life with their athletic lifestyle? Or perhaps you are a health or exercise professional that works with such women?

This book is for you! Backed by the latest research and advice from clinical and research experts, as well as input from over 40 competitive and non-competitive female athletes, the book provides practical guidelines on what to expect from training through every stage of pregnancy, from pre-conception to postpartum. Furthermore, this book will reach beyond exercise and pregnancy, as we know that pregnancy affects you on all levels – including your body, mind and spirit.

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